The Notorious Msg - Chinatown Hustler 歌詞

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Fucka Whip Back
MSG With The Hot Track
Lyrical Ginsue Cutten Off Your
I Feel No Pain
Im Insane
Smoke Your And Eat The Bullet Chow Mein
Im A Genuin Chinatown Og
Original Recipe Kfc
A New Day
A New Game
Sell You Baking Soda And Say Its Cocaine
China White
Im A Pimp
Never Stick Pick My Nose With A Pair Of Chopsticks
Im Roundin Them Hoes Just To Pay The Rent (Uhh)
Ill Turn Out Your Girl For A Dolla Fifty Cent. (Come On)

[Chorus: x2]
Chinatown Hustler
Live And Die Like A Chinatown Hustler
On The Ride, Crazy Mother Sucker
In The Town Thats A Mother To The Hustler

Pullin Out My Glock, Set The Clock
Watch Your Buttcheeks Drop When I Pop A Cap In Your
Aint Nobody Gonna Last
Chinatown Crip Gonna Take You Out Fast
Not Gonna Stop My Flow
To Run These Streets You Gotta Keep It Down Low
I Know, We Aint Being Out Done (Yeah)
Straight From The Ghetto Like A [?] (Thats Right)
Feel The Siege [?] In The Name Of Being Number One (Uhh)

[Chorus x2]

Life Is A Struggle My Son [x2]
Got To Bring The Hustle And Run
Living In The Ghettos No Fun
Gotta Hustle In The Midnight Sun

Yeah Yeah Yeah
Fight To Live, Live To Fight
Gotta Break Some Balls When The ?? Is Right
Doing My Thing, Just To Get A Mil
With 45 A Pound Never Chinatown Steel (Keep It Real)
In The Flesh Im A Killa
Packin More Heat Than The Godzilla
Whats The Deala With The 5-0
Who Know? I Seen More Talent In The Gun Show
Got To Bet The (Jags?) In The Casino
Were Living In The Chinese Ghetto

[Chorus: Til Fade]

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The Notorious Msg - Chinatown Hustler 歌詞


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